Real Estate

Real Estate


Shelter is a basic need, whether it’s for individuals or businesses. Real estate law makes that shelter possible. It creates a legal framework for the development, purchase, and sale of land and buildings. OMW represents parties involved in all phases of real estate.

Real estate law involves a wide range and often complex activities focused on:

  • Sales and acquisitions
  • Title
  • Land use and environmental law
  • Development
  • Leasing
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Joint ventures
  • Restructuring and workouts
  • Litigation

OMW’s real estate attorneys represent lenders, opportunity funds, investors, developers, buyers, sellers, property owners, and tenants. We help clients with all kinds of real estate projects, including office space, hotels, multifamily housing, housing developments, commercial buildings, and industrial projects. OMW lawyers can be involved from the very start of a project. We give advice and take actions that can smooth the way for a project’s success.

Real estate development is highly regulated. It’s subject to federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and rules. Our clients benefit from our legal knowledge and experience as well as our network of contacts in government and the private sector. When a real estate project encounters opposition from government or private parties, our ability to negotiate and creatively problem solve can mean the difference between success and failure.

If the project doesn’t go as planned, we may litigate issues to protect our client’s rights and interests. Less expensive, time-consuming, and confrontational methods like arbitration, mediation, and negotiation may be better alternatives, depending on the situation.

No matter what your real estate needs are, you deserve a law firm you can trust to be part of your decision-making team. OMW can help you manage and resolve the legal challenges your project faces. We can provide you the legal services you require, completed in the most efficient manner possible. If you have a question about real estate law or need legal representation, contact OMW today.

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