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Environmental and Natural Resources


Our environmental and natural resources litigation experience encompasses the diverse range of our clients—from business owners, to municipal and special purpose governments and large national corporations. OMW attorneys handle land development and environmental projects, respond to regulatory actions, perform due diligence work, develop risk management strategies, and obtain needed permits.

Our attorneys use their experience and creative problem solving to help clients achieve their goals, which often include working with regulators, government officials and consultants to achieve cost effective solutions.

Our attorneys draft environmental regulatory programs, help clients navigate the maze of federal, state, and local environmental regulations, negotiate prospective purchaser agreements, assess and manage environmental risks, assist clients in developing programs for complex environmental cleanups and the associated regulatory process, and advise on environmental restoration projects.

OMW attorneys have worked with landowners, generators, and other stakeholders on an array of power projects, ranging from traditional hydropower and gas-fired turbine plants to wind farms and other alternative energy projects. These projects have enabled our attorneys to assemble an experienced team of attorneys who can effectively address the variety of siting, development, and permitting issues associated with power production plants.

Our attorneys know the law on wetlands, steep slopes, restricted use lands, critical areas, and stormwater drainage. We apply our knowledge to solve problems—whether in the context of pre-development planning or post-development regulatory or enforcement actions.

Our environmental and natural resources attorneys use an integrated approach to the redevelopment of “brownfields” property, combining the experience of our real estate, environmental, and land use attorneys to facilitate the reclamation and reuse of environmentally impacted properties.

Our attorneys handle all phases of litigation, including public hearings before local governmental bodies, administrative appeals of land use and environmental decisions, and trials and appellate court actions. Our attorneys have a long history of making new law and successfully representing clients in court.

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