OMW helps the Pacific Northwest’s agriculture industry feed the world. The crops, fruits, and livestock of the area are worth billions of dollars and thousands work in all aspects of agriculture.

Agriculture law is one of the most diverse legal practices. We help clients with the legal challenges they face every day: production issues, food safety concerns, business law, land use, water law, environmental protection, and employment law. OMW provides legal services to help make our clients more successful businesses and address issues unique to this critical part of the economy. 

Agricultural law is meant to encourage the efficient production, distribution, and sale of foods and fibers. Applicable laws and regulations are extremely complex and often overlap with other legal areas. OMW has the industry knowledge and legal sophistication to help your agricultural business overcome the obstacles you face and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

No matter where in the agricultural economy your business operates, whether you need a proactive approach to prevent an issue from becoming a problem or legal representation in a legal matter that’s pending, OMW has the resources and knowledge you can trust. If you have a question about agriculture law or need legal representation, contact us today.

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