Ogden Murphy Wallace has a history of providing pro bono service and is committed to continuing those efforts. OMW views itself as an important part of the community and, inherent in that role, is creating opportunities to provide legal services to those that would not otherwise have access to its caliber of legal services.

OMW is committed to having a culture that encourages and provides opportunities for its attorneys to provide pro bono legal services in the communities they live in and serve. We recognize the professional responsibility to provide legal services to those unable to afford or otherwise disadvantaged from obtaining needed legal services. The Firm supports its lawyers in furtherance of that obligation as they use their legal education and experience to promote the public interest in matters they choose. OMW aspires to provide 2,000 hours of pro bono services each year. Our pro bono program provides attorneys the flexibility to invest their time and skills in a manner that can impact the community in a fulfilling manner. Service and guidance is given by our attorneys to community organizations, legal clinics, as well as individuals.