Our Land Use attorneys provide advice, counsel, and representation concerning land use and development matters, critical areas and shoreline issues, governmental permitting, entitlements, and related compliance and litigation actions throughout Puget Sound and Western Washington. We advise private and public clients on all substantive and procedural aspects of land use and property development law, including the Growth Management Act and State Environmental Policy Act; Shorelines Management Act; wetland and critical areas regulations; zoning, rezoning and comprehensive plan amendments; conditional use and variance permits; residential subdivision and commercial development; condemnations and regulatory takings; and related litigation.

We help our clients understand complex land use regulations, and assist them in determining successful strategies, acquiring permits, negotiating resolutions to compliance problems, presenting projects at land use hearings, and handling appeals of land use decisions. We are experienced in project planning, pre-development strategy, the review and approval process, and project entitlements and permitting. We have significant experience and knowledge of local, state, and federal regulatory agencies, and Washington municipalities and special purpose districts and are familiar with many of the region’s city attorneys, city and county councils, planning staffs, and planning commissions. Our experience enables us to quickly understand land use and development problems, assess options, and implement strategies having the best chance of success (and which also meet the business needs of our clients).