The King County Council voted on May 14, 2024 to raise the minimum wage in unincorporated King County to $20.29 per hour for certain employers, effective January 1, 2025. As is the case with some other jurisdictions, the rate depends on the size and gross revenue of the employer and is subject to change based on inflation. The Cities of Seattle, SeaTac, Bellingham, Renton (as of 7/1/24) and Burien (as of 1/1/25) also have minimum wages that are higher than the state rate. Generally speaking, the higher rates apply to hours worked in each jurisdiction, which means that an employee who works in multiple jurisdictions will be subject to the minimum wage in each jurisdiction in which they work. For example, (this is not a complete list) home health care workers, couriers, food service employees who work at multiple locations, cleaning service employees who work in at multiple locations, delivery drivers who are employees, and employees who work from home may be subject to multiple minimum wages. The wage calculation becomes even more complex if they work overtime.

We recommend that employers whose employees work in multiple jurisdictions ensure that they not only record hours worked, but also the locations where the hours are worked if the hourly pay is not equal to or greater than the highest minimum wage of all the jurisdictions in which they work.

For more information about the King County minimum wage ordinance, see,an%20increase%20based%20on%20inflation.

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