OMW’s interdisciplinary team of municipal, business and litigation attorneys assists client needs in the rapidly changing telecommunications landscape.  We offer strategic advice and counseling on the full range of transactional, regulatory and litigation requirements of our municipal and business clients, including:

  • Franchise agreements and renewals
  • Franchise fees and taxes
  • Lease agreements, extensions, and terminations
  • Small cell agreements
  • Pole attachment agreements and rental rate compliance
  • Right of way and joint use agreements
  • Compliance with federal and state regulations
  • Drafting of zoning, telecommunications, and right of way codes
  • Litigation in all courts and FCC

We assist our clients, public and private, as they navigate the constantly changing landscape of telecommunications law. In an area that evolves both technologically and legally we help our clients protect their interests and property, and in particular the public right of way-of-way and local environment.  Leaders in municipal law, we have provided legal support to cities in their stewardship of streets and right of way since 1978.

Public Experience:  OMW has represented Washington cities and other public entities for over 50 years.  We work both individually and with consortiums of cities in complex negotiations with the telecommunications industry, including cable, wireline, and wireless franchise agreements, lease agreements, and utility tax related litigation.

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