The Washington State Department of Health recently adopted changes to chapter 246-50 WAC, the rules on non-hospital Coordinated Quality Improvement Programs (CQIPs). The required components of a CQIP remain the same, but under the new rules, all CQIPs must be renewed this year. Specifically, entities with Department-approved CQIPs (including plans approved in 2020) must reapply for approval before December 31, 2021. Failure to do so will cause the CQIP to lose the confidentiality protections that come with Department approval. Entities must reapply for approval every 5 years and pay a renewal fee of $75 (also required for reapplication in 2021). Other key changes include:

  • The rules clarify that the Department can modify the required components of a CQIP to reflect the applicant’s structural organization.
  • Entities must notify the Department within 30 days if the authorized representative for their CQIP changes.
  • Entities must modify their CQIP plans to comply with any future changes to CQIP requirements and must seek Department approval of such modifications.

The new rules went into effect May 20, 2021. The Department has begun accepting applications for renewal.

Please contact Casey Moriarty ( or Maddie Haller ( with any questions about the rule changes or the CQIP application process.