The Washington State Department of Health issued today an announcement that it is conducting a review of the tertiary services that it requires obtain certificates of need under the current regulations (WAC 246-310-020(1)(d)(i)).  It is seeking comments on whether there should be additions or deletions to the current tertiary services list, which includes:

  1. Specialty burn services;
  2. Intermediate care nursery and/or obstetric services level II;
  3. Neonatal intensive care nursery and/or obstetric services level III;
  4. Transplantation of specific solid organs;
  5. Open heart surgery and/or elective therapeutic cardiac catheterization, including percutaneous coronary interventions generally and elective percutaneous coronary angioplasty (PTCA), specifically;
  6. Inpatient physical rehabilitation services level I; and
  7. Specialized inpatient pediatric services

Those providers seeking to provide the above services must first obtain a certificate of need from the Washington Department of Health before commencing the provision of these services.

The Department of Health is soliciting participation in three phases, the first of which spans from January 1 – February 28, 2015, is an invitation for individuals to propose changes to the current list of tertiary services in order to enable the Department of Health to create a report consolidating the suggestions.

To learn more about the certificate of need tertiary health services review click here.  For assistance in drafting comments to the Department of Health please contact Elana Zana.