Ogden Murphy Wallace, P.L.L.C. counsels credit managers and chief financial officers on credit policies, credit agreements, and enforcement of remedies for uncollectible accounts. Due to our experience with collection matters, we are able to advise finance and credit managers on all aspects of credit risks and enforcement.

On behalf of creditors, we

  • Prosecute and defend actions, such as those concerning alleged bankruptcy preferences and fraudulent conveyances
  • Help enforce security interests in bankruptcy estate assets
  • Pursue non-bankruptcy remedies, such as prejudgment attachments, standard collection actions, secured property foreclosures and receiverships

On behalf of debtors, our attorneys

  • Defend against creditors pursuing inappropriate collection actions
  • Assist in financial reorganizations and accommodations between debtors and creditors
  • Represent clients in both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy financial workouts
  • Advise business and individual borrowers regarding loan negotiations