We contribute to the success of the condominium projects of our clients by:

  • Structuring the development entity to limit state and federal tax liability and limit assets vulnerable to condominium warranty claims;
  • Guiding the development team through legal disclosure requirements to limit personal liability;
  • Drafting all legal documents necessary to create the condominium under the Washington Condominium Act;
  • Satisfying the legal requirements of lenders financing the project;
  • Creating a comprehensive warranty program to enhance the market value of the units and protect the development entity from unwarranted claims;
  • Resolving disputes among purchasers, tenants, and contractors in a cost effective manner;
  • Forming the Owners Association, facilitating a smooth transfer of control of the project, facilitating the education of the Owners Association in matters critical to the success of the project and fostering a relationship of trust and cooperation with the development entity; and
  • Advising the development entity on risk management issues including appropriate insurance products.