In the course of representing numerous businesses and financial institutions, we assist our clients in negotiating and drafting business contracts; real and personal property leases; employment agreements; personal service contracts; intellectual property licensing agreements; loan agreements; promissory notes and collateral loan documents; and other commercial agreements. Our goal in each of these agreements is to anticipate and resolve issues that may arise in the ongoing business relationship. Our broad experience facilitates the identification and resolution of such issues.

When disputes arise, our litigation attorneys can quickly step in to represent the interests of our clients in state and federal courts, including bankruptcy courts, in arbitrations and mediations, and in administrative proceedings before regulatory bodies. We recognize that such disputes are both disruptive and expensive. Therefore, our aim is to quickly resolve the matter to the best advantage of our client, while avoiding time-consuming litigation or protracted conflict. However, when litigation is necessary, we can rely on our years of experience representing business clients in state and federal courts and non-judicial dispute resolution proceedings such as mediation and arbitration.