OMW counsels creditors, debtors, and court-appointed trustees, in all aspects of bankruptcy cases filed in the Pacific Northwest.  We assist creditors (both secured and unsecured) with enforcement and maximization of their claims in bankruptcy, obtaining relief from the automatic stay as needed, and litigation of discharge issues.  We also represent debtors, both individual and corporate, in Chapter 7 liquidations and reorganizations under Chapters 11 and 13, and have substantial experience negotiating out-of-court workouts as well as litigating in bankruptcy court.

Bankruptcy is a challenging and complex endeavor, requiring a variety of tactics and resolutions to protect your client’s interests when multiple parties and a compressed timeline are involved.  Unlike firms that limit their practices to solely bankruptcy, OMW has additional attorneys across multiple practice areas to assist our clients in bankruptcy or restructuring matters.  This means we can provide more holistic and efficient representation, particularly in larger, more complicated bankruptcy or restructuring matters.  For example, we work closely with our tax attorneys in our firm, when appropriate, to address the tax implications of a restructuring.